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Onward... to 4th Street!

Good morning 4th Street!

The information for June 21-23, 2013 has been posted on our website:

Check it out. Besides our historical information [always interesting to review] there are a few important points to check out.

Registration is now open. Do remember that we have to limit our numbers in order for the single-track format to function well and for the seminar to best serve its participants. Now is the time to register before the winter holidays claim your time and energy. You can register on-line through PayPal or by mailing the printed out form with a check. The link for your hotel registration is also on the Registration page.

The Writers'; Seminar this year, Getting From Here to There, was developed from comments and suggestions from you. The panel will trace the life cycle of writing from an idea through publication and marketing.

We've also added a page to help start the welcoming process for newcomers, What is 4th Street? If you think of another piece of information that would be helpful in explaining what 4th Street is, please let us know.

Based on the post-con discussion this year, we are tweaking things a bit for 2013. There will be canopies and citronella on the patio. The ConSuite is expanded to several rooms along the same hall to provide sit and relax indoor areas. The meeting space will be rotated 90°. Take a look at the Hotel Info page to get a good overview.

One topic of some importance is the fact that there is no restaurant or bar in the convention hotel. Not having either of these is a mixed blessing. It means we can have lower registration expenses, but it also means that we have to provide our own meals and beverages. Of course, the ConSuite will provide the usual sweets, savories, protein, sodas, tea, water. Every room at the hotel has a mini-kitchen. Additionally, there are quite a few restaurants near-by that have become 4th Street favorites. For those of you who will particularly miss the bar, save some money and time: Bring Your Own to enjoy on the patio or the extended hospitality suites.

So, tell your friends, talk to each other, and let us hear from you. We are on our way.
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